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Dr. Tania S. Lodge


Dr. Tania S. Lodge is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of  Kindred Spirit Behavioral Health, an African-centered community mental health agency servicing the state of Ohio. As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Lodge specializes in providing culturally specific mental health and psychological services to individuals, couples, and families. She provides psychological and forensic evaluations, mental health assessments, individual psychotherapy, and couples psychotherapy. Her treatment philosophy and approach are rooted in African-centered healing practices. Dr. Lodge is a lead trainer and provides training, supervision, consultation, and certification for the practice of Optimal Conceptual Theory and Belief Systems Analysis psychotherapy. She received her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and holds two master’s degrees in marriage and family therapy and clinical psychology. She has over 20-years of clinical experience and extensive knowledge in cultural competence, African-centered approaches, and trauma informed care.

Dr. Lodge's clinical and research projects and interests include program evaluation and development, African-centered healing approaches and treatment outcomes, culturally specific assessments and evaluations, interpersonal and racial trauma, infant mortality, and psychological oppression. She is an active member of the Association of Black Psychologists, where she serves on the Board of Directors. Dr. Lodge has co-authored many peer-reviewed articles and manuscripts on African-centered healing approaches. 

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