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The Oracle
Dr. Linda James Myers

Thought Leader, Author, and Scholar

Nana Linda James Myers developed Optimal Conceptual Theory.

KSBH applies Nana Linda's theoretical framework and psychotherapeutic approach in schools, community, and clinical settings.

Her Story

Dr. Linda James Myers is an internationally recognized thought leader, author, and scholar whose Africological perspective in the production of psychological knowledge places the wisdom tradition of African deep thought at the forefront of the paradigm shift supported by contemporary science, and Eastern philosophies around which the heights of c across cultural groups converge. Her research articulating optimal psychology, aka optimal conceptual theory, deepens our understanding of the higher stages of human development and how to achieve them, providing insight into the roots of racism, sexism, classism, and other societal isms and their eradication. Belief Systems Analysis, her psychotherapeutic approach facilitates healing by elevating consciousness toward a more holistic, integrative mindset leading to sustainable wellbeing, enhancing health, and growth morally, spiritually, and energetically for individuals and the collective. Author of three monographs, two co-edited volumes, twenty-five book chapters, and over fifty refereed journal articles, she is Academic Professor Emerita at The Ohio State University and past Dean of the Graduate School of Psychology at New College of California in San Francisco. Her work has been used with great success with Black clients over the past 40 years. Linda has lectured and done training in England, Brazil, Ghana, South Africa, and across the USA.

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